PTD-DBM Pre Mixed Peptide 1mg


Research suggests that PTD-DBM has shown the following benefits in clinical studies:

  • Anti-hair-loss treatment.
  • The growth of new follicles is encouraged.
  • Treatment of androgenetic alopecia—the loss of hair on the scalp’s frontal area—is aided by this product’s anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Neogenesis of hair follicles in response to being wound-induced.

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PTD-DBM Pre Mixed Peptide 1mg India

Protein transduction domain also is known as PTD-DBM & (PTD)-DVL-binding motif (DBM). PTD-DBM peptide-based is a follicle regeneration scalp treatment. It prevents follicles from shrinking, rescuing the follicle at a stem cell level. PTD-DBM treatment can help with things such as, promoting the growth of new hair follicles and preventing hair loss.

To combat hair loss, PTD-DBM pre mixed peptide is a peptide that inhibits the protein CXXC5, linked to hair loss. Preventing the interaction between Dishevelled and CXXC5 (which is the primary mechanism of PTD-DBM) will aid in stimulating hair regrowth and new hair formation. Proliferation and stem cell renewal are directly impacted by PTD-ability DBM’s to disrupt CXXC5 and Dishevelled’s interaction, a highly conserved evolutionary pathway.

PTD-DBM benefits India

Using PTD-DBM directly on the scalp can help stimulate hair regrowth and the formation of new follicles. PTD-DBM treatment with valproic acid, an activator of the WNT/beta-catenin signalling pathway, will further enhance hair regrowth and help to prevent hair loss. ‘

  • Pattern baldness, the most common form of hair loss in both males and females, can be prevented by using this product.
  • Repair and regenerate the skin on the scalps of balding men and women.
  • Accelerated hair regrowth.
  • The appearance of new hair follicles on balding scalps.
  • It prevents hair loss and corrects it.
  • Wound healing is accelerated.

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PTD-DBM side effects India

There are no known adverse effects for PTD-DBM, however, further research is needed before it can be released as an over the counter medication.


Molecular Formula: C124H22N61O28S2
Molecular Weight: 3082.65

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