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Melanotan 1 Nasal Spray


According to research, Melanotan 1 nasal spray may enhance the tanning process in synergy with UV-B light or sunlight, reduce UV light exposure risks, aid in fat loss, mitigate effects of stroke or heart attack, improve cognition and memory, prevent dementia, and control hypertension.

15ml Nasal Spray contains 10mg Melanotan 1
30ml Nasal Spray contains 20mg Melanotan 1

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Melanotan 1 Nasal Spray India

The Melanotan 1 nasal spray is an innovative, research-grade product designed to provide a non-invasive delivery method for Melanotan 1. This nasal spray formulation serves as an efficient and user-friendly alternative to traditional injection techniques. Melanotan 1, a synthetic analogue of alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH), is extensively studied for its effects on skin pigmentation and other physiological processes.

For further information about Melanotan Peptides visit India Direct Sarms main Melanotan Category page. The page includes details of the researched scientific benefits and a comparison with Melanotan 2.

Key Benefits of Melanotan 1 Nasal Spray

  • Non-Invasive Delivery: The melanotan 1 nasal spray format eliminates the need for injections, reducing discomfort and facilitating a more seamless application in research settings.
  • Enhanced Bioavailability: Designed to provide efficient absorption through the nasal mucosa, ensuring that the peptide reaches its target sites effectively.
  • Ease of Use: The spray mechanism is straightforward to administer, improving productivity and consistency in laboratory experiments.
  • Versatility in Research: Suitable for studies on skin cell pigmentation, metabolic regulation, and neurological impacts, providing broader research opportunities.
  • High Standards of Quality: Manufactured under rigorous conditions to ensure high purity and consistency, essential for reliable experimental outcomes.
  • Intended for Research Use Only: The Melanotan 1 nasal spray is not intended for human consumption or therapeutic use. It is designed solely for laboratory and research purposes. Researchers should adhere to established safety protocols and regulatory guidelines when handling and administering the product to ensure optimal research integrity and reliability.

Proper storage conditions and handling practices should also be maintained to preserve the efficacy and quality of the nasal spray throughout its use in India scientific studies.

By using the Melanotan 1 nasal spray, researchers can explore new dimensions in their studies with greater ease and efficiency, potentially uncovering novel insights into the peptide’s effects on pigmentation and other physiological functions.

India Direct Sarms offers a wide selection of peptide nasal sprays for research, discover our full range here.


[1] R.T.Dorr, G.Ertl and N.Levine (2004) Effects of a Superpotent Melanotropic Peptide in Combination With Solar UV Radiation on Tanning of the Skin in Human Volunteers – Jama Dermatology, 2004;140(7):827-835.


DISCLAIMER: These products are intended solely as a research chemical only. This classification allows for their use only for research development and laboratory studies. The information available on our India Direct Sarms website is provided for educational purposes only. These products are not for human or animal use or consumption in any manner. Handling of these products should be limited to suitably qualified professionals. They are not to be classified as a drug, food, cosmetic, or medicinal product and must not be mislabelled or used as such.

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